News Walls

Waiting around for an elevator, a friend, or a meeting to start can be a more productive experience if you are in an environment that feeds your curiosity. Our news walls are designed to do just that: to highlight what’s going on in the field, upcoming events, and news from your organisation.

To make this especially visually stimulating, we include large pictures and videos and have content constantly refresh and reshuffle in a way that catches the eye.

Importantly, the content includes a combination of relevant material from the web and from the host organisation. Our curators work directly with the client to make sure that the most important stories are prominently featured.

Click to see the live News Wall for Johns Hopkins University ECE

What’s more, we provide short links to the full content for each piece featured on the news wall. By plugging just four characters into our web app, interested readers can get the full story on their mobile devices. Read more about how to get your own News Wall online.

Top image © viteethumb / 123RF Stock Photo | Bottom image © blackzheep / 123RF Stock Photo