From Clients

Sam Molyneux, CEO and Co-Founder, Sciencescape (now Chan Zuckerberg Meta)
“Working with Form & Content has been great: they’ve been creative, flexible, reliable, and the quality of their work has been very high. We’re very pleased with our decision to work with them.”

Dr Gloria Putnam, while Editorial Board Chair: SPIE Newsroom
“When I first saw the news service go online, I was thrilled… Form & Content’s system has worked really well for us.”

Susan Oderwald, while Executive Director of the Society of Plastics Engineers
“Working with Form & Content Media has been one of the best decisions our organization has made during my tenure. Their professionalism, commitment to quality and excellent communication skills has made the development and deployment of our new web-based article service one of our most valued member benefits. Dr. Bains and her team have been a pleasure to work with, and I recommend them to others without reservation.”

Eric Pepper, SPIE Director of Publications
“We have been pleased with [Form & Content’s] … efficient development and delivery of excellent content.”

Dr Jeremy Pitt, Imperial College London
“Form & Content are the ideal partner for providing an online magazine that combined academic rigour with public engagement. The excellent look-and-feel of the site combined with the well-edited and well-presented articles gives the magazine immediate impact and a highly positive response. Throughout, Form and Content were fast, informed and professional in delivering the product, while their toolset makes it straightforward to maintain the site and retain editorial control. I’d recommend Form and Content for anyone trying to reach a broad audience with novel scientific content.”

From Authors

Sruthi Viswanathan, Naver Labs Europe
“Thanks a lot, I love what you’ve done with the piece!!! It’s well crafted and has become more fun and engaging :)”

Dr José da Silva, University of Porto
“I read your edited file of paper “Satellite altimeters for detection of oceanic internal waves” and it appears to me flawless! Many thanks for the good editorial work being done at [Form & Content], and for your efforts on our behalf. Great job!”

Egemen Avcu, Kocaeli University
“Your colleague, Anna, has greatly helped us during the editing process. I am a young researcher, but I have worked with many international publications such as Wiley, Elsevier, Maney etc. and I can say that she is one of the best editors I have ever worked with…”

Dr Patrick Gill, Rambus Labs
“I’ve found the article production process at [Form & Content] to be very friendly, professional and efficient. My thanks to you, Bárbara, and the rest of the team.”

Dr Mark Johnson, Naval Research Laboratory
“It’s been a pleasure working with your highly professional staff.”

Prof Hirotsugu Yamamoto, University of Tokushima
“I appreciate your great work in brushing up the article. Thank you very much, and I hope I get to make successive contributions…”

Wonshik Choi, Associate Professor, Korea University
“I am very impressed by the copy-edited article. It became much clearer after your revision. I appreciate very much your work. The points that you raised are all relevant and correct.”

Judith Espinosa-Perez, Air Products and Chemicals
“I would like to thank the editors: this is the first time I have worked with this type of publication, and I really liked the process and the final product!”

Dr Martijn Heck, UC Santa Barbara
“It’s always hard to write articles for non-insiders and your corrections and comments help a lot.”

Dr Moises Cywiak, Centro De Investigaciones En Optica, A.C.
“I want you to thank for improving the writing. It looks great! It is wonderful how you have presented our text. I would like to thank you in the manuscript if it is possible…”

Dr Cyrille Monnereau, École Normale Superiéure de Lyon
“…Thank you for the very nice job you did with editing, I really appreciate the improvements you brought to the article’s style. Frankly, I wish editing were performed with such dedication for most peer reviewed articles!!!”

Dr Dilhan Kalyon, Stevens Institute of Technology
“I liked very much the way that you have rephrased some of the text and the title.”

Dr Niraj Lal, Australian National University
“Thanks very much for your email and corrections of the manuscript. The editing work your team is doing is incredibly professional and really appreciated.”

Karl Klett, Swales Aerospace
“Thank you for your editing help. I saw our article… I must say that you greatly improved my prose.”

From Students

Anonymous Student Evaluations 2020

“This module was the highlight of my degree…. I wish the course was mandatory to make all scientists write more clearly and thoughtfully. And, most importantly, think about how they tell their research stories to others.”

“…Sunny was an incredible lecturer who encouraged but also gave very fair and constructive feedback. The content she taught also had an impact on other pieces of writing I had to do for the rest of my degree, showing that the skills you learn on this course apply to all aspects of work.”

“As engineering students we are always told exactly what we need to do for a project, so at the beginning of this module I struggled… But after reading Sunny Bains’ book, all of the assignments made a lot more sense… this module let me develop my writing and my research skills, just as written in the module aims.”