Writing Training

Many scientists and engineers struggle to make themselves understood in writing: to their bosses, clients, and even sometimes their own colleagues. This is a natural symptom of being trained to focus on technical detail and the consensus effect, which means that people who know a lot about something assume everyone else knows it too.

Our Founder, Dr Sunny Bains, has been teaching technical writing, research, analysis, and journalism for more than 20 years and currently works at University College London. She’s the author of Explaining the Future: How to Research, Analyze, and Report on Emerging Technologiesand won a Provost’s Teaching Award in 2016.

Dr Bains runs training programmes for industry to help professional engineers understand the audiences they are writing for and to create a technical argument that doesn’t jump straight into jargon. Instead, we teach them how to motivate the reader by starting with a vision, before moving on to the need for progress and the technical barriers that are currently in place. After that, they can focus on how they’re solving problems.

In case they need it, we also review the basics of writing: introductions, conclusions, the basics of paragraph structure and more.

Courses are run partly via video lessons and readings, partly in 1:1 or group discussion sessions, and partly through written homework and feedback. To give the student time to develop, they are usually run over the course of a period of 6-8 weeks.

However, every client has different needs and we adapt as best suits their circumstances. Contact us with your goals and we can put together the right course for your company or institution.