Customised Technical News

Technical people don’t fit neatly into boxes any more than science and technology does. There are chemists who work in the computer industry, electronic engineers in medicine, computer scientists with a passion for astronomy, and physicists… everywhere. Whatever discipline of engineering or branch of science your people started in, each will have their own diverse technical interests, both personal and professional.

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Our goal is to help your community to find stories about developments of interest, wherever they are published. There are great pieces on electronics technologies and applications in magazines like Chemistry World, while IEEE Spectrum sometimes puts out interesting stories on materials but, because search engines aren’t good at finding these articles, people miss out. We bring this content together into one resource and make it both searchable and customisable, so that people can find what they want and ignore what they don’t.

What we do is collect, filter, and tag articles from hundreds of different publications, and then enable readers to tailor that content to their own needs.

If you’re trying to build a tech cluster, encouraging local people to network and discuss each other’s products and research, then we can also build a calendar that will facilitate that. The listing can include events run by local colleges and universities, companies, clubs and societies, and other institutions: we just need to know what you require. As with all our content, events are tagged by narrow technical subject so that they can be searched and filtered to cut down on clutter for the reader.

Not only can the newsletters include tech news and events, but our curators are constantly on the lookout for book reviews for our sites. This allows us to feature the latest titles while giving our readers a chance to see what’s good and bad about them.

Finally, a jobs listing can be a major draw for any technical community, so we can pull in feeds from employment services and – API permitting – create custom lists on the website that filter for both reader interest and location.

Image © gmast3r / 123RF Stock Photo