The ENGins Platform

Technical people don’t fit neatly into boxes any more than science and technology does. There are chemists creating materials for the electronics industry, electronic engineers in medicine, computer scientists doing research in astronomy, and physicists… everywhere. Whatever discipline of engineering or branch of science your people specialize in, each will have their own diverse technical interests, both personal and professional.

Our goal is to help your community: whether of researchers, students, alumni, programmers, engineers, or designers, to find stories about interesting developments, wherever they are published. There are great pieces on electronics technologies and applications in magazines like Chemistry World, while IEEE Spectrum sometimes puts out cool stories on materials but, because search engines aren’t good at finding these articles, people miss out. We bring this content together into one resource and make it both searchable and customizable, so that people can find what they want and ignore what they don’t.

What we do is collect, filter, and tag articles from hundreds of different publications, and then enable readers to tailor that content to their own needs. We call the resulting interface and database Engineering Inspiration or ENGins.

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ENGins Features

For the User:

The site is intended to keep technical people engaged and informed, and to enable them to jump quickly into new technical areas.

  • Customized content: Choose the combination of topics that interest you and filter out the rest. Your custom settings determine which news, jobs, and books show up on your home page, in your newsletter, and in your RSS feed.
  • Search engine: Dive into a new research topic quickly by finding readable news articles, features, and explainers before you go to the technical literature. Powerful search of more than 50K curated and tagged articles going back to 2011.
  • Newsletter: Receive an optional weekly e-mail with the latest news and other content specified by you.
  • RSS feed: Download your selected content, without duplication of articles that appear in under different topics, into your preferred reader.
  • Dashboard: Favorite your articles to read later or share with others via a personal page that can be set as public, private, or semi-private.

For the Institution:

  • Site branding: Specify the site name, colors, logos, job feeds, and subject headings on the website and news walls. Because your ENGins platform contains your branding, users are continually reminded of who provided the service: your institution did.
  • Institutional content: Add articles about your people, research, events, and books directly, and promote the content through the carousel. This will be seen not only by your own community, but highlight your contribution to a broader audience, including potential students and employees.
  • News Walls: Display the content on custom news walls (screens) around the campus, engaging your community with research and industry. The wall design includes access to a phone web app that lets readers quickly retrieve the full article that has caught their interest.
  • Calendar: Create technical clusters or communities by sharing details of events. These will appear prominently on the calendars of users interested in that specific topic.
  • Regular contact: Reach out to users through an electronic newsletter tailored to their interests, sending calls to action along with their regular dose of tailored technical stories.
  • Registration settings: Control who gets the most benefit from your site. You can make it open, restrict accounts to those within your domain, or have your moderator decide who should and shouldn’t have full access.

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